About The Mask

This series is about the shadow side that exists within everything.  It is a reflection of the darkness that we all have within, and the dark wounds that the society we have built has inflicted upon us.  I believe that we are in a dark time, but we are ready to see this darkness, and heal it.  We must become aware of the dark, and welcome it with love, if we wish for growth.  Greed, vanity, addiction, obsession, betrayal, hurt, control, destruction - what will you do in your life to break these cycles, to break the mask that hides you from your True Self?  It's up to each of us to shed light on our shadows.  

The images you see here are displayed together, to give you a sense of the whole, but I invite you to click on each individually to really feel their message and their power. 

About Emergence

This series is about the light.  It is a deep prayer for myself, for you, and for all.  May we each discover our highest potential, and live from our hearts, dissolving the illusory shackles of fear.  May we reconnect to the Earth Mother, cleanse, birth anew, and live in the magic that we deserve.  Blessed be.